Thursday, 23 August 2012

Sweet Hope Teaser & News


Stacey at Fantasy Book Addict had an interview with Wendy Higgins, and guess what? Wendy shared a Sweet Hope teaser!!!!!!!!

“One week after that Summit, demon whisperers began to stalk me. For six months. Every. Day. Until a week ago. I thought maybe it was over. Maybe I’d proven myself and they’d leave me alone. Wrong.
I’d shocked my own self six months ago with my sudden and fierce will to live. My eyes had been opened that night in New York. I was meant to live and fulfill a purpose. They’d taken so much from me already—my former dreams and aspirations. I refused to give them another piece from my gameboard, so I came out fighting despite my sensitive, angelic side.
Ravenous for life, I’d searched for trouble with a sort of desperation. If there was a party, I was there. I drank sometimes—but mostly just pretended—I dressed to the trends, got three piercings in one ear and two in the other, plus a belly ring, and let the uber-cool stylist do whatever she wanted to my hair as long as it stayed blonde. Very blonde. Because blondes had more fun, right? I appeared to be having a blast.
Funny thing, appearances.”
Who else needs the book RIGHT NOW? Well, there has been a break through. Sweet Hope will be taken to acquisitions in the week of September 4th. 
Have a great week and make sure you check out Stacey's interview with Wendy HERE!
Sam :)

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