Praise for Sweet Evil:

"Wendy Higgins, welcome to my list of authors of favourite series." - A Little Shelf of Heaven

"This book will keep you reading way past your bedtime!" - Book Love 101

"If you’re an angel/demon reader then I highly suggest this to you…well, even if you’re not I still highly suggest this to you." - Creative Reads

"It was one of the best books of the year and an all around phenomenal debut from Wendy Higgins. I cannot wait to see what is next for her, as Sweet Evil was just amazing." - YA Books Central

"This was totally beyond anything that I had ideas for. This world was amazingly built. Everything was so intense and full of mysteries." - Hackaroo's Reviews

"I thought Sweet Evil was a amazing book with imaginative characters, a well developed world, and a creative story that has me eager for more." - Nicole Loves to Read

"My words aren't going to do this book any justice at all. Just read it. That's all I can say." - Nifty Novel Reviews

"I cannot wait for the next book...I can barely get the characters out of my head!" - YA Magic Pages

"I highly recommend this book!" - Readers Live A Thousand Lives

 "I love this book it brought a total new twist to what Angels and Demons mean." - Paranormal Romance Fanatic

"I loved this story and I am going to be waiting on the edge of my seat for the second one!" - A Midsummer Night's Read

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