Sunday, 3 February 2013

Sweet Peril Teaser


Wendy has another Sweet Peril teaser for us!

“If this is about earlier, we were only kidding around,” Blake said.
“I told you she can be stubborn when she wants, didn’t I?” Kaidan asked, stretched out on his chair with his hands behind his head. “You didn’t believe me.”
“I’m not being stubborn!” I put my hands on my hips and scowled down at him, wondering if maybe I was being stubborn. He raised an eyebrow when I said, “And you have no room to talk. You’re a mule.”
Blake laughed and pointed at Kai. “She just called you an ass, man.”
“I am an ass-man,” Kai stated.
Blake laughed harder and I rolled my eyes.
Blake and Kai are a lethal pair. (; 

And I think you guys will be happy to know that we have less than 3 months until the book is out! YIPEEEEE! Get the countdown widget below:

Have a good week,
Sam :)

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  1. Read this on the author's website. Still funny the second time around.