Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Character Interview


Today I'm estatic to be here with Kaidan and Anna! They have kindly agreed for me to interview them/be nosy.

Kaidan, what were your first thoughts when saw Anna?
It went something like this:
She's cute.
Aw, hell, she's Neph.
What is she doing here? What does she want? Why haven't I seen her before? WHO IS SHE?

Anna, sum Kaidan up in 5 words.
Confusing. Maddening. Stubborn. Guarded. Irresistible.

Kaidan, do you prefer Anna's good or bad side?
*laughs*  Her "bad" side is hardly noteworthy, but incredibly sexy. Although there's something hot about her sweetness. I should shut-up now.

Anna, what is the nicest thing Kaidan has done for you?
Hm, gosh. I'm trying to think of what I can say without giving any spoilers. He's not the kind of guy who goes out of his way to do "nice" things. He sort of does nice things accidentally, lol. Like, spontaneous instinct or something. And then he seems confused and surprised by himself, which is always amusing. Could I be anymore vague?  :-P

Kaidan, will you ever stop 'working' for this pretty girl who wants a committed relationship?
Erm...we'd better not go there, luv.

are there any other boys in the picture? *Ahem* Kope?
I adore Kope, but just as a friend. Even though he sort of flusters me sometimes with that intense way he looks at me.

Kaidan, how would you feel if Anna took an interest in another boy?
*frowns* She's free to do whatever she wants, of course. Not my business. *glares*

Anna and Kaidan, 1....2....3...how do you feel about each other? 
*Anna smiles at Kai*
*Kai looks away*
*both shrug*

It's been awesome having you here guys! Come back soon to give us all an update on your relationship....I mean lives...update on your lives. ;)

Until next time,

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  1. Haha! That was the cutest thing ever! I love them! <3