Friday, 8 June 2012

Sweet Evil Movie?


I thought it'd be cool to find some actors who would suit the main roles in Sweet Evil if it were to become a movie. Here are Wendy's picks:

Chloe Grace Moretz as Anna:

Ben Barnes as Kaidan:
Some blue contacts and BOOSH! Kaidan Rowe is born!

Shawn Pyfrom as Jay:

Kristin Herrera as Veronica:

Alicia and Annie Sorell as Ginger and Marma:

Lee Thompson Young as Kopano:
He's the perfect Kopano! Easy smile and twinkly eyes.

Michael Kopon as Blake:

Jonathan LaGray:

Christian Bale as Pharzuph:

My picks:

Annasophia Robb as Anna:

Zac Efron / Wade Poezyn as Kaidan:
I must say, Kaidan was very hard to pick. I couldn't find anyone who looked like the Kaidan in my head so these two will just have to do.

Zac Efron needs to dye his hair black and he would be a hot Kaidan. As for Wade Poezyn (below), he's a model but looks....well....

Josh Hutcherson as Jay:
Josh has got that innocent look and cute smile, I think he'd make a great Jay!

Keira Knightley as Veronica:
I know Keira's a bit old but she's got the Veronica nose...kind of.

Mary-Kate and Ashley as Ginger and Marma:

Evan Ross as Kopano:
Taylor Lautner as Blake:

Taylor would just make the perfect Blake! Just look at him!

Chris Daughtry as Jonathan LaGray:

Wes Bentley as Pharzuph:

He had a really cool beard in The Hunger Games Movie!

So, who would you pick as the cast for Sweet Evil? Leave a comment below!

Until next time,
Sam :)


  1. This is a great post! :D Can I just say HELLO WADE :O He is so hott! <3 He'd be perfect as Kaidan! hehe :D Anyway!! I think both girls suit the role for Anna, Kaidan's really hard to choose but I definitely like Wade for him ;) I think Wes is the perfect choice for Pharzuph too! I love Lee as Kope, I think he looks so good and suits him really well!

  2. I like Ben Barnes and Annasphia Robb as the leads myself.

  3. OMG, Wade Poezyn should definitely be Kaidan. ♥ All the other picks seem great.

  4. These are perfect for the cast

  5. Fun, fun, fun! :) I think the Olson twins could pull it off - plus they've spent lots of time in England. Great choices, hun!

  6. I like all the pics except for Kai. I would choose Brant Daugherty or Chace Crawford.

  7. You posted Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock as Vin Diesel

  8. Yes to Chloe Moretz and Ben Barnes! Also like Josh Hutcherson, Michael Kopon, and Chris Daughtrey!

  9. I really don't know the characters yet to suggest my dream cast, but I'd love Chloe Moretz as the lead!

  10. I love Wade and Ben as Kaidan <3 It's really hard to choose! :D

  11. What great choices!!! I absolutely love Ben Barnes, he's just perfect :)

  12. I'd like to see Taylor Swift as Anna, Chris Pine as Kaidan, I agree with Wes Bentley for Pharzuph, Taylor Lautner as Blake, and Evan Ross as Copano. :D

  13. I think Chloe is perfect for Anna. Your cast seems pretty great though Robert Pattinson could probably play Jay too. Great choices.

  14. You should totally nominate Kaiden in YA Sisterhood's Crush Tourney!!!!! :D

  15. Chloe Moretz would be a really good Anna!

  16. Ooh, I love Wendy's choice, but it's a little weird since Chloe is 15 and Ben is 30, that's like twice Chloe's age :0
    AW I would love Chace Crawford playing Kaidan

  17. Well I haven't read it so I'm not sure about how the characters are described but I love Ben Barnes so I agree with him as Kaidan!

  18. I will go with Chloe Moretz as Anna and Ben Barnes as Kaiden

  19. I haven't read the book yet, but I really like Chloe Moretz and Ben Barnes! I think they're perfect :D

  20. Well I havent yet read this book, but I really like the actors you've chosen...theyre awesome!

  21. My Choices:
    Kaidan - He must be Wade because that would be perfect because that is how it shows on the cover of the book and his role. After all that is his character.
    Anna- For her I would pick a girl that has blond hair and someone that is similar to the picture in the cover.
    Kopono- I think Lee is a good choice
    Jay- for him I think Josh is a good choice
    Ginger and maria- the Mary-Kate and Ashley are a excellent choice they would be perfect!
    Blake- Taylor is amazing choice great!
    Pharzuph- Wes is a good choice because he look more evil
    Vericona- Keria is a good choice
    the other characters I am not sure.

  22. Kaidan should be played by Benjamin stone!!! DEFINATELY!!!

  23. Lee Young can't be Kopano. :(

  24. wade as kaidan n ana sophia as anna!!!!

  25. Anna Sophia as Anna
    Wade as Kai
    Robbie Jones as Kope
    Josh would be a good Jay
    Michael Copon as Blake
    Olsen twins as Marna and Ginger

  26. Candice accola as Anna!

  27. Wade Poezyn should be Kaiden.
    Chole Grace Mortez should be Anna.
    Olsen twins should be Ginger and Marma.
    Josh Hutcherson should be Jay.
    Taylor Lautner should be Blake.
    Christian Bale as Pharzuph.
    Dwayne Johnson should be Jonathan LaGray.
    Evan Ross as Kopano.
    Taylor Lautner as Blake.
    Keira Knightley as Veronica.
    How about Patti she plays a big roll too.

  28. I personally like:
    Annasophie as Anna
    Ben Barnes as Kai
    Josh Hutcherson as Jay
    Kristen Herrera as Roni
    Alicia and Annie Sorell as Marna and Gin
    Lee Thompson Young as Kope
    I like both picks for Blake
    Dwayne Johnson as Belial
    and Wes Bentley as Pharzuph

  29. i really think you should make it into a movie i would definetely watch it.

  30. When will you finally make a movie its been two years and you have lots of fans it will be a great movie it can be like the hunger games with three movies

  31. Oh Wade is perfect to be Kai

  32. Wade Poezyn would make a great kaiden!!!

    1. he is very attractive and I can totally see him as kai

  33. Wade Poezyn as Kai please!!!!!

  34. Try to make Wade's dreams come true and make him Kaiden Rowe!!!!!!

  35. OMG so Zac Efron is so hot and if blake was taylor lautner, this would be the best movie ever. I would watch it over and over and over, I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off the screen Every second full of two sexy guys..... a heart eye emoji needs to go there

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  37. I dont think any actor could meet how hot wendy higgins descriped kai in the book!!!

  38. Seriosly when are the movies gonna come out im dying waiting!!!* please someone mak the movies